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My name is Chelsea K. Before Oasis, I could not stop drinking      and using- I lost the choice to use or not use. For nearly a decade,      jails, car accidents, and violence were all part of my story. Eventually, I had a visit by DCFS who took custody of my son because of my drug use. I began the 6 month treatment program and my life changed. I was introduced to women in recovery, AA, and a whole new way to live. My sobriety date is 1-11-11 and I have full custody of my son, just graduated college with a double major, have my insurance license, career, a wealth of friends...I could keep going. this is all because of the phone call I made to Oasis.

My name is Karen Graham and I am an Oasis Alumni, Class of 2001. I want to tell you that if you want to be sober, you are in the      right place...I didn’t know when, what, where or how, I just knew SOON something was going to change in my life.  If you had told me I was going to get sober, I would have laughed in your face. I didn't think it was possible and nor did I think it was available to me.  Although I wanted to stop using, I just did not know how and I could not stop. I come from Corporate America and started using in 1994 and I tried to function in the corporate world for as long as I could, not knowing where it was going to take me and not knowing that I was fooling myself. I released myself from employment because I need more time to participate in my addiction. Since I acquired this new-found freedom, the days turned into weeks, months and before I knew it, years were passing me by and I could not figure out, to save my life, HOW it had come to this absolutely demoralizing way to live.  I began to do things that I NEVER even thought I would do just to feed my addiction. It had a STRONG hold on me and I continued to surrender to it because it had become my way of life! It hurts my heart just to acknowledge that this is where it led me, but it did. When I began to get arrested and go to jail, I would just listen to the inmates and just borrow one or two of their stories just to fit in attempting to get through the misery I was experiencing.  I have been to jail and then one time to prison. I knew that I was NOT going to get sober when I was in prison for the mere fact that I had not surrendered and I had an agenda that I was going to stick to when I paroled and there was nothing anyone could tell me to change my mind. I was down for 13 months and when I paroled it was on a Saturday night and I had to wait to report to the Parole Office a whole day and it drove me crazy..I knew I had to test clean the first test, but after that, I was off and running….this adventure took me on a 9 month run, but 6 months into that run, I began to feel different.  Something deep inside me had had enough and I felt like maybe I need to do something about my life.  I had experienced the “good” life prior to my addiction and I yearned to be on that side of the road again. After getting arrested on April 5, 2001 and being issued a ticket to appear in court on May 22, 2001, I came home, did what I knew best, and then fell on my knees crying out to God to “please help me”. I got up and called my Parole Officer at 12:45/am and left her a message that I needed help. On April 11, 2001 she called me back and told me to report to her office at 10:00/am the following morning and I better NOT be late…well that meant I had to stay UP all night so I would not be late and that is what I did.  Still not knowing that I was going to get sober but WILLING to get my butt down there I made sure I was not late.  I was under the influence and she ignored that, found (3) places for me to go and then since I could not choose, she chose Oasis.  Immediately, I put on my game face and tried to come up with ALL the reasons why I could not go at this time.  She still was not hearing me and told me to be ready by 6:15/pm and she was picking me up. She said pack two weeks of clothes and be ready to go.  Well since I had no more fight left in me, I agreed and flew home excited because I was really going somewhere and it would be away from the chaos I was living on a daily basis.  When we arrived at Oasis the residents were outside doing a meet & greet prior to the 7:00/pm AA meeting. I got a chance to see these women and felt a bit of relief - I did not want to run. I later walked into that meeting and a woman was leading said to me “stay, no matter what” and THAT stuck with me and so my sobriety date is April 13, 2001. When I woke up the next morning on the top bunk of Dorm #1, I could hear nature outside the window. Birds were chirping - I could hear and feel the wind and smell fresh coffee brewing. There was such calmness in my spirit. I did not know at the time what had changed but I realized later that I had surrendered to the process of doing something different. On page 17 of the Big Book, it says “We have a way out….” I had no idea there was a way out of the life I had been living. There had been many people around me who had been living like this for many, many years before I took my first hit, and so, I thought I was doomed! I thank Oasis, my God, the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous for this new way of living. Anjanay & Barney opened their doors for a woman like me to show me that I was NOT alone and that there was a way that I could live a sober life. I heard that if you can change your mind, you can change your life. Today, I am a woman who walks with dignity and grace - I can pull my shoulders back, hold my head up high and face the world. I am humble today and know that my

ego can get me in trouble. I was told to just say “okay” and cease fighting. I have done those things and as I result, I have been able to give back to Oasis and the program. I sponsor women, am of service to Oasis and my home group. I have accomplished quite alot during my sober years. I have faced some devastating experiences but the idea to drink/use has not entered my mind. That is not an option. There have been many obstacles and hurdles along the way, and with God, I have been able to achieve goals. The promises that we talk about in the rooms have come true for me. Some have been quick while others have been slow, but I am willing to stick with the winners and do this life ONE DAY AT A TIME!

My name is Sabra. "Bendaw!  Roll em' up!" "Where am I going      officer?" After doing a 1-year-sentence at Sybil Brand Institute for Women, I trembled as I saw the word "Release"  over that last iron-bar gate.  "See you in a couple of weeks Bendaw." "No you won’t officer! You will never, ever see me again!" You see, I had been in and out of 'Sybil’s House' 5 times that year and at least 10 times over the course of 7 years. That was December 8, 1995 and but for the Grace of God, Oasis Women's Recovering Community and the program of Alcoholics Anonymous I have not had to spend another day or night in jail. While incarcerated, I had been receiving visits from Candy D'Amato who would talk to women that wanted to come to Oasis. She was the only one who came to visit me during that year--I had burned all my bridges and I was too ashamed to let my family know what I had turned into.  Candy told me that I had been accepted into Oasis and to call Oasis as soon as I got to the Release room and Oasis would come and pick me up. My sobriety date is December 13, 1995, because I had to try one last time to enjoy alcohol and crack. Upon my release I ran into a guy with lots of money who bought me all the crack I wanted--but I could not get high! I finally said, "this crack sure has gotten bad since I've been gone--just buy me a fifth of gin." He bought me a fifth of gin--and I had my first and last 'bad' bottle of booze because after drinking the whole bottle by myself--I could not get high! No longer able to get high off my drugs of choice, I called Oasis and asked,"do you still have a bed for me."  They said "yes, come on in." I had no clue that my life would be forever transformed from the moment I stepped foot onto that property to this day! When I got to Oasis I was 46 years old, had drunk and used drugs for 32 years.  I was an alcoholic by the age of 18 and had been addicted to every drug I ever got my hands on at one time or another during those 32 years.  I had gone from being a Little League Mom who was a state employee and homeowner, to a homeless, drunken alcoholic, crackhead woman living on the mean streets of Los Angeles.  I was angry at what I had become, I was bitter towards the world, hopeless, helpless, spiritually unfit and so very lost! I did not think that I would ever have a life worth living again. But I guess I had a little bit of willingness, because I wanted to see if what Barney and Anjanay were saying about AA and sobriety was true.  After hearing their stories I got my first glimmer of hope.  If this thing called sobriety could work for them maybe, just maybe it will work for me. We were up, dressed and ready for the day by 8am. Depending on what was crammed into that colorful handwritten scheduled posted throughout the house, we might have to be up at 6am because once or twice a year we would be up at 3am to get ready to go hand out water at the L.A. Marathon or go to the Jerry Lewis Telethon. If we were home all day we would attend 3-4 groups on everything from AA Etiquette, Parenting Ourselves, Money Management, Self-Esteem (how you can get some), Domestic Violence and the list goes on and on!  And most importantly we attended an AA meeting just about every day. Caring for our animals was a big part of my stay at Oasis.  We had a donkey named Jack, a pot belly pig named Ms. Mercy, a goat named Julio, a sheep named Juanita, a duck named Quackers and best listener in the whole wide world--our 3-legged dog Lucky!  These animals taught me compassion and the meaning of unconditional love.  I think I learned to love them before I learned to love myself or others. I wasn't the best Oasis resident - received my fair share of write-ups. The last write up I received was for stealing when I had been at Oasis for about 3 months. Me and my best friend Glenda stole a purse from a yard sale Oasis was having and we both got written up. Glenda and I were so angry we threatened to leave. Glenda left and told me I could come and stay at her house but I did not have the 'courage' to leave. 24 hours later, Anjanay called me into the office. She told me to sit down. She had tears in her eyes as she told me that Glenda was dead. She had died from getting an aneurism in her neck and one in her head--her family said it was from smoking crack.  From that day forward I prayed for the 'courage' to stay. When I was about to complete the Oasis program Barney and Anjany asked me if I would to come on board as a staff member. I was so glad they asked me--I knew I was not ready for the outside world yet. They told me I would have to go to school to learn about the disease of addiction. They told me I would continue to work the Oasis program until my 6 months was done and that I would be given a work schedule as well. I did all these things they asked of me and stayed at Oasis for 2 1/2 years. My schedule was heavy, but it was so rewarding. I learned about my disease, I learned about a lot of my shortcomings, I learned how to be a team player and was given training by Anjanay and Barney that I still draw on today. 'God is good Sabra 'cause crackheads don't retire, they just fade away!' That's what one of my clients said to me last week when I told her that I was retiring on July 12, 2013. Over the past 17 years Oasis provided me with the love, schooling, and encouragement to acquire three careers since becoming sober; a Substance Abuse Counselor, an Executive Job Recruiter and lastly a Dual Diagnosis Counselor. Oasis does not stop caring about it's residents once they complete, they want us to come back and share our stories with the newcomer, they want us to come back and let them know that we are doing well, they want us to come back talk about the realities of living a clean and sober life, to tell the newcomer that it's now always easy but drinking and using are not an option! I often think of Glenda and what she could have done if she would have had the courage to stay. Each year I take my sobriety cake not just me, but for Glenda too! I love you Glenda! Thank you Oasis for always having you arms open to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

My name is LaLannie P. I am an Oasis alumni of 2003. I arrived via my parole officer in whom I call my skim. I started using drugs and alcohol at the age of twelve and my life took some drastic turns I could not make the connection that life without drugs or alcohol could have great meaning or peace. So I took a journey of prostitution and crack which landed me in and out of jails and then I graduated to prison's revolving doors. By the time I made it to Oasis Women’s Recovering community I was beat with nothing -no feelings, no emotions, just a blank resemblance of a human. I can still remember my trip to Oasis, as if it were yesterday, but it was 2001 Christmas eve when my parole officer picked me up from county jail and escorted me to Oasis. I asked him where was this place he just said it was close to Hollywood I thought wow those were my stomping grounds! He did not give me a time limit I would be there so I figured I'd get out in about three months. But something happened when I walked in the gate. Women began asking me if I wanted some water and they started finding me clothes and shoes to wear. I thought "wow I have been away from people who show they care for so long I don’t even know how to react". The woman who did my intake said "Don’t worry about money - no one has money here" - I felt right at home. We had some wonderful groups and I started to find my voice and take a look at my life and how I had reacted to my experiences in a negative way. We had animals and they were injured my mentor told us that’s how we are too and that was so valid. I learned how to give back to the universe instead of sucking the life out of everything. Today I am a Woman with integrity and dignity. Because I was taught how to live in a safe haven my mind opened to so many new ideas and I started to break the ice that had in the past made my life frozen, I completed school and I now work in the Addiction field were my job has relocated me to New Mexico to work with women in the jails and Prison. One important blessing that our Director passed on to me was life will throw a lot of things your way just keep trudging no matter what and that’s what I do, although life if not perfect for me it’s pretty close. God Bless.

My name is Erin.  Before coming to Oasis I was a lost soul, scared, confused and unwanted. I had become so dependent on drugs, I would spend my time with whoever I could use to get high. It didn’t matter who it was or how dangerous. My life was gone, I had no pride, self-respect, values or morals. When I became pregnant at 30 years old, I was homeless, living with friends and in complete denial about my addiction and circumstances. I used Methamphetamine through my pregnancy, it was as if I didn’t realize I was carrying a baby. My daughter was born with a fever because of the drugs I did, when the doctor confronted me, I denied any drug use. I tried desperately to find a way to prove them wrong, so I could keep my child and continue using. I blamed everyone. How could they take my baby from me? I was trying to become sober on my own, with no luck. My daughter was with my family; they had become attached and wanted to adopt her. They knew I wasn’t going to stop, not even to be her Mother.  Everyone knew I was hopeless. A friend asked an Oasis Alumni to call me. Sabra called me one night and asked me, “Do you want  to stop?” I told her “yes”.  She asked if I wanted to stop for myself or for my baby. I told her I wanted to stop for my baby. She said that it won’t work, “you have to do this for yourself”.  I called Oasis Women’s Recovering Community,(Sabra had directed me to call everyday for a bed) and I called every day for 2 weeks. The day after Mother’s day I was finally called by a staff member - they had a bed for me. Oasis brought me back to life. I was loved.  My conscience was restored.  I learned how to forgive myself and face my fears. I was shown how to nurture myself, how to be trustworthy and dependable. I was given a second chance. My memories of living at Oasis are memories of growing up and becoming a Woman. I remember crying with Anjanay, the pain of facing what I did was so unbearable. I learned I wasn't alone and I deserved to be loved that day. When I came to Oasis I had nothing. Today I am a Mother to a beautiful and gifted 11 year old girl and a talented 5 year old boy, who both keep me on my toes. I work in a corporate level position and I am the first woman ever to be on the board of directors for this company. I’m certified as a chemical dependency counselor. I’m independent, I’m happy and I’m free. Thank you Oasis!

My name is Stephanie Rosten and I am an alcoholic. My sobriety date is November 11th, 2009. This is my story. My father died in a sudden plane crash when I was 9 years old which was my first taste of “real  life.” I didn’t cry even though I was confused - the way I dealt with it was more and more denial. I shut down and just went on with my life. I had a lot of “friends” but never really connected with people. I didn’t know who I was; I just went along pretending to be whoever “you” needed “me” to be. I was a liar, cheat and a thief from the very beginning, even before I took my first drink. I can remember that first drink, I was about 16 and it seemed to make everything feel just perfect. Right away I started hanging around the wrong people, doing the wrong things. I barely graduated from high school and when that was done I found myself trying other things. First it was coke, then speed. I loved it. I loved the way it made me feel.  It consumed my life.  When I was 20 I got pregnant with my first daughter. It took me 2 ½ months to get clean but I did and she was born on December 14th, 2003. I can remember leaving the hospital and going straight to the liquor store. I drank every single day for 3 years until one day it wasn’t enough, I needed more. I started using speed again - it took only that first time to have me addicted again. I disconnected from my family, my daughter and everything in my life. I got pregnant with my son and once again I found myself trying to get clean and sober, but I couldn’t. The disease had me. He was born sick; he passed away in my arms at 6 months old. I was watching my son die in my arms and all I could think about was getting loaded and I did just that. I left my family, I lost all rights to my daughter. I was gone getting loaded every day. Soon I found myself in trouble with the law. I got arrested in September of 2008. I finally had some time to get a clear head. All the shame, guilt, remorse and fear came rushing in. I can remember, clear as day, walking across that courtroom in shackles, watching the tears stream down my mother’s face; the bailiff telling me to not look at her or he would kick her out. The judge told me I was looking at 18 months in prison. I couldn’t believe this was what my life had come to. I went back to my bunk and got down on knees. I cried out to God telling him I couldn’t do this anymore!! I was willing to pay the consequence for my actions, whatever that maybe and I needed help!! The next time I sat in the courtroom some how, some way, they told me they were giving me a chance. I got off on a three year joint suspension. I got out that day. The next day I found myself at the gates of Oasis Women’s Recovery Home. I didn’t know it then, but I know it now, my life was about to change in every way. Oasis changed me. They told me all the things I didn’t want to hear but would need to if I wanted a better way of life. They taught me how to have self-esteem, they taught me I was a selfish person and I would have to take a good hard look at myself and all the things I had done. I would have to becoming willing, open and honest. I did a lot of hard work during my six month stay and when I returned home the work continued in AA. I got all my rights back to my daughter, I became an independent woman; my relationships over time became so strong. I make amends to my daughter every day I stay sober. I’ve become a new mother to two more beautiful children and a stepson. My mother relies on me for support. I work hard every day to keep what I have with the support of my higher power, AA and all the women I’ve met along the way. The amazing part of all this is I never have to do it alone, I don’t have all the answers and that’s okay because there are plenty of women who’ve come before me  who help me every step of the way. My life today is beyond my wildest dreams and I owe it all to my God, Oasis and Alcoholics Anonymous.

     Christmas Eve 2000 VS. Christmas Eve 2013

My name is Lynn Treu and I recommend Oasis Women’s Recovery Community over any other treatment program in this      world! I am grateful and blessed and I knowGod brought me to Oasis.  I’ve met the most wonderful, lifelong friends; have so many fond memories of my six months in Oasis and my six months in sober living. I love Anjanay and Barney and consider them angels in my life.  And I owe that house my life ! That house saved my life and it was and still is “the best house on the block!” When I woke up this morning I felt compelled to share this story. Most of my sober friends might have heard parts but hopefully this might give hope to any of my friends who may still be struggling! Christmas Eve morning of 2000 was the last day I ever did any dope " SPEED, WEED, PCP, ANYTHING" and it was the last day I ever tasted, consumed, or drank any booze " CUERVO, CORONA, VINO, ANYTHING! Now anyone who knew me at that time knows I was always loaded,  holding or with someone who was...But no one had seen me for almost 9 months because I had been locked up for fighting - a serious case. Prior to going to jail I had a baby boy "TROY"  who was taken from me at the hospital for testing positive for meth. I had genuinely lost hope while I was locked up that last time and didn't expect to be getting out anytime soon. I went to my final court date that first week of December and only by God's grace I had beat the 2 strikes I was charged with because I truly was "INSANE" when I did what I did. Instead of the minimum sentence of 5 years I was given time served??? WTF? That was a miracle. I still had my parole board hearing which was Dec. 21st and was definitely violated and was gonna get my year flat violation, and I had no doubt I would be going back to State prison. But another miracle occurred. The police officer and the victim did not show up and I was C.O.P'd (Continued on Parole). I asked what did that mean? I didn’t know. I had never been released from Twin Towers unless it was in chains while being transferred to another facility. What it meant was I was going to be released that night. I was in complete shock when they called my name at 2 in the morning and told me to roll it up! But where was I gonna go? Who was I gonna call??? I had no home. And very few who could or would pick me up. I called a friend who I had run into in jail earlier that month and she came and got me. It was very late and what was I thinking about? Well it wasn't thanking God for my freedom that's for sure. I was thinking about that first hit! And within a half hour of getting out, I was getting high, AGAIN. All I know is something was different and I wanted to see my baby who was now almost 10 months old. His dad had gotten custody while I was in jail. I didn't tell the courts he used drugs too! I had my friend take me to go report to my parole officer, where I started the insanity of fake pee testing and all that bull. Then I got dropped off in Eagle Rock where I knew big Troy might be. Thank God I didn't get dropped off in my hood - Highland Park, ‘cause I might not be telling this tale now. I walked up the long drive way and walked into the house. Wow were people shocked to see me. Especially big Troy . He thought I wouldn’t be out till June 4th exactly one year after I got arrested! The baby was not with him. The room was filled with beer cans and cigarette butts. But no one had dope? WTF? So me being Miss Cool got on the phone and had the connect on the way in minutes. I had been gone 9 months but it was like I never left. I know this story is long and if you’re bored or offended then don’t read it. Remove me. I don't care. I must share this. When the connection arrived he hooked me up and everyone else with money, and invited me to split with him and go smoke some hard stuff (PCP) although it was very tempting I told him I had to see my baby who I hadn't held since he was a day old. But I would call him later. I NEVER DID CALL HIM AGAIN! We all smoked and I was thinking, and thinking, and trippin’, and like I said something was different. When my little Troy Boy got there I immediately went into MOM mode knowing this was no place for a baby to be. And my high was blown. LOL. I asked big Troy how often he had the baby with him there and told him numerous times this was not right having him there! He looked at me like how dare you act like a mom now when you couldn't stop using when you were pregnant and just got out of jail etc. But what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.  He finally did leave and I stayed and smoked and did alot of thinking that night cause I sure didn't sleep. The next day Dec. 23rd big Troy came and we went to visit my mother and brother. The house was decorated beautiful for Christmas, presents everywhere, I was very grateful they even wanted to see me, let alone invite me in. When I saw the tree and the 6 foot stocking filled for my nephew I started crying and told my mom "I need to go into a program, or my baby will never have a Christmas" She hugged me and agreed. My brother gave me some money and some shoes and told me he loved me and we left. Me, big Troy and the baby went to the SLEEZY York motel. And we got more shit and smoked. Big and little Troy both eventually fell asleep! I stayed up again crying, praying and thinking ALL NIGHT. When the sun came up Christmas Eve morning and they woke up I filled that last bowl and smoked that last hit and begged GOD to help me. Big Troy had heard me say numerous times I was done. But this time I really was! I SURRENDERED!!!! I had him drop me off back in Eagle Rock and I called my Grandma Tomiyo  and told her I needed a safe place to sleep till I could get into a program and begged her to let me stay with her till the day after Christmas. Unfortunately she said NO but I still didn’t hit that pipe again I smoked my last joint and drank some wine trying to bring me down. I stayed there that night and prayed and begged and cried . And CHRISTMAS DAY 2000 I did not use, or drink or smoke any dope. It was my FIRST DAY, MY GIFT, MY BEGINNING, My New Life. We went to my other Grandma's for Christmas Dinner and I slept there with her that night. Tuesday Dec.26th I should Have been on the black and white bus to C.I.W. but I called my parole officer and told on myself and asked for help. By God's divine intervention another miracle I was accepted into A Woman's Recovery center in Sylmar  that same day. OASIS….MY NEW HOME. I made a commitment to stay 6 months. I would have still been in prison 6 more months anyways had the miracle not occurred right? I wasn't really losing any time. But when I walked in I promised myself I could not leave cause if I had any reservations to leave I might as well not even go. I have STAYED SOBER and have trudged through many, many hard times, good times, poor times, crazy times, and NO MATTER WHAT TIMES  and have seen and have had so many miracles in my life . Every Christmas I celebrate another YEAR since my last HIGH But it is still one day at a time. Christmas Eve 2013 I am wrapping presents gonna make a gingerbread house with my boys and Thank GOD For The Most PRECIOUS gift of all MY SOBRIETY! Because without that I would not have my kids , my freedom, my sanity LOL my friends, my job, my LIFE!!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! IF I COULD DO IT...... THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU YET!! GOD BLESS!!

Letters from Oasis Alumni

Our past residents on their healing journey speak for Oasis.  

Each woman has her own unique story to tell

through these heartfelt letters.  

Former resident? Contact us to include your letter.

My name is Skye. I am an Alumni of Oasis Women’s Recovering Community. Fifteen months ago, I walked through the gates of Oasis broke and broken, sick and tired, exhausted and beaten. I was scared, confused, dirty, half-crazy, lonely, angry and hard as nails. I had long since given away my 3-bedroom house with the white picket fence, my job with the County of Los Angeles, my registered and insured vehicle that I owned outright, my relationship with my family, my children, and my husband- all to this disease. I had nothing but the clothes on my back, a sleeping bag, an old back pack, and…thankfully…the gift of desperation. I know it was God who picked me up out of the hell I was living in and placed me in this safe haven. After being told to jump through impossible hoops by other Treatment Programs, I was so discouraged I thought I’d never find the help I so desperately needed. I truly believe that the director of Oasis, Anjanay has a direct line to God, because I was accepted to Oasis after a phone interview, sight unseen. She allows herself to be used by Him in the lives of all of the girls who walk through these gates, if they are willing to change. At Oasis, I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I participated in educational opportunities, I learned to work cooperatively with others for the good of the group, I met beautiful women in recovery and began forming relationships with them. I gained peace and serenity. I learned how to become a woman of my word, how to suit up and show up, how to be responsible and how to keep a commitment. Most importantly, I learned how to be of service to others. When I completed Oasis in August of 2013, I was given the wonderful opportunity to stay on here as staff. By doing so, I am able to be of continuous service to newcomers who feel just like I felt, and struggle with the same struggles that I am learning to trudge through with dignity and grace. My family relationships are now better than ever. My kids are proud of me, and I am welcome to be with them at my mother’s home anytime. My mom trusts me today. I am making a living amends to them every day by being sober. We spend the night together, I attend their sporting events and recitals, and we even go on vacation camping together. I am able to love and to be loved. Without Oasis, I know for sure I would not be here today. I am forever grateful to all of the women who came before me, who worked hard to keep the doors of Oasis open for the newcomer, like me. I love myself today, and my blessings are immeasurable. Plus, I get to be a blessing to others as well, and give back what I was so freely given. Coming to Oasis is the single most life-

altering event that I’ve ever experienced. I am staying sober one day at a time, and I never have to drink or use again...

My name is Halie and I am an Oasis alumni - 2003. It has made my life so much better. I will be forever grateful to Anjanay and Barney. They loved me when I couldn't and helped give me my life back with a better way for me to live - some ways are so much better than others - it is always “one day at a time”.  

My name is Katie. I am now able to be a mom,  grandma and all around better person. Thank you Oasis! One year Oasis! Couldn't have done it without you!