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13832 Polk Street, Sylmar, CA  91342

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ABOUT the Founder

Anjanay Berrocal

In 2018 it was discovered that Anjanay Berrocal, the co-founder of Oasis Women's Recovering Community had terminal cancer. Her wish was to make Oasis a sober living home.

Anjanay had spent the over 27 years as counselor, case manager, program director and founder of Oasis Women’s Recovering Community.  She was well-educated in the treatment of substance abuse recovery both at school and on the streets having worked through her own sobriety many years ago.  Ms. Berrocal graduated from Los Angeles Mission College Addiction Studies Program and has held positions as both counselor and group facilitator at New Horizons, The First Stop, Alternative Recovery Serivices, Fully Alive Drop-In Center, California Association of Alcohol & Drug Programs & more.

Her no-nonsense approach to women’s recovery has been lauded by both the public and private sector, having been awarded and  recognized by The City of Los Angeles, The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Women’s Foundation, KNXT Radio Citizen’s Award,  Sylmar Chamber of Commerce, Mercedes Benz Award for Mentoring Women, The Giraffe Project Humanitarian Award, California Department of Children’s Services and much more.

Anjanay’s dedication to the well-being of women and their families is exemplified by the many success stories of graduates of the Oasis Women’s Recovering Community program.  The memory of her fine work lives on.